Running with Waggie Aggie

If you are thinking about helping your dog to get fitter, if your dog can sometimes be reactive, or if you are just thinking about how to mentally stimulate them, then why not let them come running with Waggie Aggie.

“Canicross is the sport of cross-country running with dogs. It is dog powered, so the dog is harnessed, attached to the human, and they run in a team. The human is the driver, directing the dog from behind with voice commands.”

After only a few sessions you will soon appreciate that Canicross is not only a great method to get your canine fit, but it really works the dog’s mind and allows them to use their brain in a work mode which is very mentally stimulating for them. This can then help with calming dogs, reducing reactivity and generally makes for happy and more docile pets. As long as your dog is fit, healthy, of the right age and able to run, then they can Canicross.

Being a cross country sport, off road is always best, and we will run with your dog in local woodland and on countryside trails.

The harnesses used are ones specifically designed for running and pulling, all of the pulling force is directed to the shoulders and chest (away from the neck) hugging the body without restricting lung capacity or leg movement. It is important that the harness is a good fit. I do have a selection of harnesses I can use but they may not be the perfect fit for your dog. I can assist in measuring your dog and supply a harness at a discounted rate.

Bungee lines attach to the dogs harness and to the runners waist belt, these create a suspension system which absorbs light and heavy shocks.