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For the personal touch use a dependable, experienced dog walker, with a caring manner, professional approach and private pet transportation, who offers single dog and group walks, doggy day visits, and garden visits to entertain and stimulate your pet; additionally, canicross and bikejor are available for a more active approach to doggy well-being and addressing any specific needs your dog may have.  


About Me

After Poppy, my rescue Lurcher, chose me as her forever owner, I began my grand adventure into the world of dogs and Dog Sports! Over the intervening years I've gained more dogs and experience (I'm now at the grand total of 6, but my wife Lisa, has said no to anymore!) and I've attempted and succeeded in many areas of Dog Sports from canicross, to bikejor, to scooting and even the occasional rig event. With either Poppy, Monty, Merlin, Floki and/or Phoenix, Agnes (now over the rainbow bridge) and Freddie I've travelled the UK & Europe, and raced and competed at a range of events individually and as part of Team GB.

I've been walking and running with my rescue dogs, and now my purpose bred dogs, both competitively and for recreation, for many years and I also go out regularly on my scooter and bike with my dogs. I've competed at National and European (canicross) level and I also travel into mainland Europe to take part in events. My dogs have achieved many podium positions in canicross, scooter, bikejor and even rig, despite having me tagging along close behind. I've also won a national race series of events in multiple disciplines.

Although I regularly compete and have achieved many successes, I actually get the most pleasure from going out into the countryside, with friends and all of our dogs, just for fun.

My main focus is about fun for everyone, but especially the dogs! 



  On Lead, One-2-One or part of a small group

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Out & About

  Either a full day (6 to 8 hours) or half day (3 to 4 hours) out & about with Waggie Aggie.

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Garden Visits

  Garden visits are aimed at dogs who may not need the exercise, but still need or enjoy a garden let-out, a feed, a fuss or a play!

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Runs / Canicross

  Excellent fun for your dog and far more energetic than a normal walk

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Puppy Care Visits

Bringing up a puppy can be tough, even when you are with them 24/7. When you need to work or have a busy schedule it’s an even greater challenge.

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Bikejor / Scooter

  *Canicross before Bikejor*

More extreme than Canicross and will ensure a tired dog, both physically and mentally

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Pet Visits

We dont't just do dogs

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